Chiropractic, how it works, what happens on a first visit.

The brain and central nervous system controls all tissues, systems, glands and organs of the body.

The brain is constantly connected to all parts of the body and controls all functions by sending messages through the spinal nerves.

The primary function of the spine is to protect the central nervous system so that messages from the brain to the body can travel freely in the nervous system. If the spine's vertebrae become unbalanced or if the spine stops moving properly, it leads to reduced funtion in the nervous system as the messages from the brain cannot travel freely to the body.

My job is to make sure that your spine moves and  functions to the best of its ability and that the messages can travel from the brain to your body and so that your body can work to the best of its ability.

I do not diagnose or treat any symptoms disease or condition. The chiropractic adjustment opens up the connection from brain to body which supports the bodys own internal healing processes. Chiropractic care is under no circumstances a substitute for medical treatment.

We have three types of visits in our office.

1) The first visit. Is a longer visit that takes around 45 minutes. During this visit we will perform an examination of your spine as well as an interview on your health status. We take pictures of your posture and provide you with all the information regarding chiropractic and how it works so you know what to expect from your care.

2) Adjustments. Regular adjustments following a care plan, which will help you achieve the results you want to achieve, and improve nervous system function and help you with healing and staying healthy.

3) Re-examination visits, new pictures of your posture and a new examination of your spine and talk on your current health status. Start your journey towards greater health by booking your first visit below!

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