Chiropractic care increases your inner healing power!

Start your journey towards better health now.

Every tissue, gland, cell and system in your body is regulated by your brain and spine. The function and movement of your spine has a massive impact on the quality of your life and your general health. Every person that has a spine can benefit from chiropractic care. You can heal and stay healthy.

Tell me, how can I help you?

"Im tired, I have low energy, I sleep bad I have anxiety, nervousness"

"I feel constipated, I cant breathe well, I have skin problems, I suffer from shortness of breath"

"I have nerve pain in my legs or arms, I have numbness or tingling. I have a burning feeling in my legs or arms. I sleep bad, I have constant flue or weak immune system."

"I feel like I have problems with my digestive system. It is not working well. I feel bloated or my stomach is irritated"

"I have muscle/joint pain, I feel stiff, I have bad range of motion, I have problems walking or running.I don't move well"

"I feel like I have poor blood flow. I suffer from headache or migraine. I have pain in or around the head. I have dizziness or bad balance"

"I want to stay healthy, move well and take care of my spine!"

Start your journey towards better health now.

What people say

Mirljan Rohulaid

Strong recommendation, worth a try. Friendly and really expert service. My neck was completely stuck and my hands were numb... now after a couple of months of visits, no more trouble. The mobility of the spine has also improved significantly. Thank you.
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Katja Honkanen

The appointment went quickly and flexible times, immediate help for headaches, insomnia and years of pain already on the first visits. All other means had actually already been used (physician, gym, etc.), but luckily I still tried Ducaj Chiropractic. 👌
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Merja Rasanen

I have been in Alberto's good healing treatment for 2 months. I have received help for nerve pain in my calf, which is now gone. The nerve pain really disturbed my sleep at night. Now I sleep well and I'm refreshed when I drink. Also the numbness in my leg caused by nerve pressure in the lower back is gone. I always feel good and energetic when I leave the treatment. Thank you for the good treatment!
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Miika Kallonen

My shoulder was badly stuck for several months, my arm was weak and sleeping on my side was painful. At the first visit, Albert said, don't worry, the treatment will help, and that's what happened. Now the shoulder is completely healthy and I go for maintenance once a month. I highly recommend.
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Oleksandr Iamnytskyi

I have been visiting Ducaj for 3 months. When I started my spine was really stiff, posture was not straight the length of the legs was different. After 3 month my spine became much more flexible, the length of both legs became equal, improved posture. I will continue service less intensive in order to keep up and work on minor issues. I can recommend the service.
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Chiropractor TURKU

Albert Ducaj

I graduated in 2018 from the Barcelona College of Chiropractic, with a master's degree. It is a five year University program.

I am a trained and registered chiropractor at Valvira. I worked for two years in the Netherlands, after which I returned to Finland and have since been helping people improve their health here in Turku. My The oldest client has been 99 years old and the youngest person I have adjusted was just a few months old. Ducaj Chiropractic has been operating in Turku since 2020. The best thing about chiropractic is that everyone can benefit! I have performed around 15 000 adjustments during my six years as a chiropractor.

I speak Finnish, Swedish, English, a bit of Dutch, some Norwegian, Albanian, and fluent Spanish.

I am an active person. I run or train with kettlebells almost every day. I believe that you can heal and stay healthy and that you deserve to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Adjusting Hours

Mon-Thu 15-18

New patients- Call or book online


+358 41315 0092


Yliopistonkatu 33, 1st floor, 20100 Turku Finland