Improve Nerve Flow

Every tissue, gland, cell and system in your body is regulated by your central nervous system.

Stiffness and lack of movement in the spine, caused by trauma or repetetive movement can cause pressure on the nerves which over time will damage the nerve and make your posture worse.

The damage on the nerve can cause pain or tingling in the arms or legs. It can also feel as if the nerve itself is burning or it can become numb. This depends on what part of the nerve is affected. Constant stress in our nervous system has a negative effect on the immune system and can lead to chronic or repetetive flu.

By increasing movement in the spine and reducing stiffness in the spine we can help improve posture, movement and nerve flow in the body. People often report that they sleep better, have less pain and numbness in the arms and legs, and that burning sensation in the nerve becomes less with regular chiropractic care.

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