A flexible spine that moves well is a healthy body

Every tissue, gland, cell and system in your body is regulated by your central nervous system. The spine protects it. Take care of your spine!  

Because the nervous system is protected by the spine and stiffness in the spine can lead to many problems and symptoms in the body it is very important to take care of your spine on a regular basis BEFORE you have problems. That is the ideal situation.

We have a lot of stress in our daily lives. This leads to constant stress on our nervous system. The spine is put under a lot of pressure daily. We sit, we have sport accidents and we do awkward things with our spine and bodies when we work. We use our spines daily, so it is a good idea to take of our spine on a regular basis.

Once we have achieved a good flexible spine it is very important to have regular checkups and adjustments to prevent future problems and maintain good health and vitality.

What will your spine look like in 10 years? 20 years? As we age the function of our spine determines the quality of our life. A good moving spine gives us good quality of life because we can do all the things we enjoy.

Good habits + consistency = HEALTH

The best frequency for adjustments once a good result is achieved is usually one visit every 2-4 weeks. Depending on your spine and case you may need more frequent adjustments to stay as healthy as possible. We help you, and give you individual recommendations.

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Chiropractic care increases your inner healing power!

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